Navigating the World of Insurance With Scott Harris and Linda Peltz REALTOR®

Dated: January 6 2024

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One recent implication of insurance and tax services is the increasing use of technology. Many insurance providers and tax service firms are adopting online platforms and digital tools to streamline their operations and enhance customer experience. This includes online policy purchase and claims processing for insurance, as well as online tax filing and virtual tax consultations. The use of technology not only improves efficiency but also allows for remote access and convenience for customers.


In a recent casual and insightful YouTube conversation, Realtor Linda Peltz caught up with Scott Harris to discuss various topics, ranging from insurance and tax services to the challenges of navigating the evolving landscape of business and finance. 

Scott, who recently finished acquiring his insurance licenses, shares valuable insights and introduces a new term policy tailored for homeowners. Join us as we delve into the details of Scott's expanding business ventures and his journey into the world of diverse financial services.


A New Term Policy for Homeowners: Covering Mortgages and Beyond

Scott Harris enthusiastically introduces a 30-year term policy that provides peace of mind for homeowners, especially those venturing into the real estate market. This policy, offered by Assurity, aims to cover mortgages, ensuring that in unforeseen circumstances, the house remains protected. 


Scott emphasizes the critical nature of such coverage, especially in today's real estate market, where house prices are soaring. He highlights the ease of access through a web portal, simplifying the process for clients to obtain quotes and purchase policies directly.


Navigating the Web Portal: A Seamless Experience

Discussing the user-friendly web portal, Scott emphasizes its simplicity. With just a few clicks, clients can access the link, receive quotes, and complete the purchase. The term policy, extending up to 30 years, provides flexibility and substantial coverage, up to a million dollars. 


This discussion unveils a practical solution for homeowners, aligning with the current challenges of sustaining mortgages in a fluctuating economic landscape.

Navigating the World of Insurance With Scott Harris and Linda Peltz Realtor


Business Expansions and Unexpected Developments

Scott shares unexpected developments in his business journey, including the swift implementation of a new term policy and his transition to a wholly-owned subsidiary. He discusses the challenges and excitement of setting up a remote tax preparation service, particularly catering to clients outside his home state of California. 


Scott's candidness about his age and the challenges of adapting to technology, such as smartphones and social media, adds a relatable touch to his entrepreneurial journey.


The Challenges of Social Media Marketing

In a light-hearted moment, Scott reflects on his struggles with social media marketing, humorously expressing the need for a "Dumber version of the Dummies book." He acknowledges the generational gap and how, despite being a seasoned entrepreneur, mastering the art of social media remains a learning curve. 


This segment provides a glimpse into the personal side of Scott's journey, resonating with many who navigate the challenges of technology in the business world.


Podcasting and Diverse Financial Services

The conversation takes an interesting turn as Scott unveils his podcasting ventures, spanning topics from constitutional rights to business tips for solopreneurs. He shares the motivations behind starting these podcasts, emphasizing their role in building name recognition and offering a teaching outlet for his expertise. Scott's upcoming podcast on smart business investing reflects his continuous expansion into diverse financial services, from tax preparation to selling annuities.


Insights into Tax Season and Beyond

As a tax professional, Scott sheds light on the intricacies of tax season, offering valuable advice on deductions, retirement savings, and the importance of effective record-keeping. His discussion on the employer retirement savings credit and the benefits of contributing to a 401k or a traditional IRA provides actionable insights for individuals and business owners alike.



In this engaging and informative conversation with Scott Harris, we've explored the dynamic landscape of insurance, tax services, and the challenges of entrepreneurship. Scott's journey reflects the resilience and adaptability required in the ever-evolving world of business. As he continues to expand his services and embrace new opportunities, his insights and humor provide a unique perspective on the intersection of technology, finance, and personal growth. 


Whether you're a homeowner looking for mortgage coverage or an entrepreneur navigating tax season, Scott Harris offers a wealth of knowledge and practical advice for anyone seeking financial stability in an unpredictable world.

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