Unlocking Homeownership: A Deep Dive into RWM's Community Lending Program with Leigh Fisher

Dated: January 22 2024

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However, in a recent conversation between realtor Clovis CA Linda Peltz and Leigh Fisher from RWM Home Loans, a unique program emerged that promises significant advantages for homebuyers. This article delves into the details of RWM's Community Lending Program, discovering options that can make a substantial difference for potential homeowners.


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Unveiling the RWM Home Loan’s Community Lending Program

In the heart of Fresno, at 6050 North San Pablo Avenue, lies a property that has caught the attention of many home buyers. Brief description about the unit, It is two homes in one property! Main home is 1420sq ft and 2nd home of 1000sq ft. Freshly painted, cleaned and updates on all areas.


What sets this property apart is not just its physical features but the promising opportunities offered by RWM's Community Lending Program. This program, as explained by Leigh Fisher, is designed to provide buyers with exclusive benefits if their chosen home is within a specific area.

RWM Home Loan’s Community Lending Program

Unlike traditional first-time homebuyer programs, the RWM Community Lending Program stands out by offering either a discounted interest rate, closing cost credits, or a combination of both. Leigh Fisher emphasizes that this is not a government program but a result of RWM's partnership with a bank that operates under certain community reinvestment obligations. The program is available in California, thanks to RWM's strategic alliances.

6050 N San Pablo Avenue, Fresno

Making Homeownership Attainable

Beyond Income Restrictions

One noteworthy aspect of the RWM Community Lending Program is its lack of income restrictions. Leigh Fisher highlights that while many assistance programs impose income limitations, this program focuses primarily on the property's qualifications. With a credit score requirement of 620 or above for conventional loans, the emphasis is on making homeownership accessible without stringent income barriers.


The Advantage of Property Variety

Discussing a specific property with two separate units, Leigh Fisher emphasizes that the program accommodates a diverse range of property types. Whether it's a duplex or an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU), buyers can still benefit from the program as long as they reside in one of the units. This flexibility sets the RWM program apart from others, providing a unique opportunity for investors and homeowners alike.


Streamlining the Home Buying Process

Certified Pre-Approval for Competitive Offers

Leigh Fisher introduces another significant advantage of the program – certified pre-approval. By partnering with underwriters and streamlining the pre-approval process, RWM home loan enables buyers to present a competitive offer with a 17-day timeframe. This not only expedites the purchasing process but also strengthens the buyer's position in a competitive market.


Collaboration for Success

Both Linda Peltz and Leigh Fisher underscore the importance of a strong partnership between real estate agents and lenders. With Leigh Fisher's proactive approach to pre-approvals and Linda Peltz seasoned experience in the field, the collaboration aims to provide buyers with a seamless and advantageous home buying experience.


The Role of an Experienced Team

Linda Peltz emphasizes the critical role of a full-time, experienced real estate agent in guiding buyers through the intricacies of the real estate transaction. She highlights the legalities and challenges involved, showcasing how a competent realtor Clovis CA acts as a protective barrier for clients in the face of potential complexities.

Closing Thoughts

In conclusion, the RWM Home Loan Community Lending Program tops as a solution for prospective homebuyers in Fresno CA. With its unique features, lack of income restrictions, and flexibility in property types, it presents a compelling opportunity for those seeking homeownership. The collaboration between a proactive lender and an experienced realtor adds an extra layer of support, aiming to simplify the complex process of buying a home.


Here’s how you can get started:

Step 1) Get your Local Lender Pre-Approval (Prefer it fully underwritten, that means you have submitted your paperwork the Lender requested. They have submitted it to their back office underwriters)

Set 2) Get ahold of Linda Peltz Realtor - eXp Realty and lets start looking for your next home!

Leigh Fisher | NMLS# 1562667
RWM Home Loans
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Call me for further details:

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