Fresno REALTOR®: Start Using Payroll Company Now, Here is Why

Dated: August 10 2021

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Fresno realtor will not only introduce payroll companies as a provider who formed automatic service for your company payroll. Yes, they did help with payroll calculation, tax statements, year-end taxes on your fresno homes for sale.

However, don’t you know, they could help realty Fresno so much more than that?

Shannon Perez is a Human Capital Management Consultant in Paychex. It is a very well-known payroll provider with over ten thousand clients around the world.

Shannon stated that the valuable information during this pandemic is the employee retention tax credit. Even when you are an officer, broker, Fresno realtor or someone who works in a team. If you are working during the pandemic and impacted by the government shut down. Whether, getting lost on your business because of the government shut down.

Shannon pronounced that Paychex was able to help everyone to get their employee retention tax credit.

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How Could an Employee Retention Tax Credit Help You?

The IRS introduced employee retention tax as a refundable tax credit against the taxes they have had been paid. However, Shannon presents that even if you have no profit during the pandemic, you are still filed in form 941.

Shannon mentioned that in 2020, they are able to help the employee get 50% of their payroll wedges. It is about 5000 USD/employee/quarter. And they were able to go back into quarter 2, 3 and 4 last year. That's a great number for real estate market

Therefore in 2021, they are able to reach 70% of the wedges which is about 7000 USD/employee/quarter. Presently, they are able to go back into quarter 1, 2 and currently they are alive in quarter 3.


Fresno realtor solution for payroll system in real estate market

Shannon: Retire Early!

Making a retirement plan is Shannon’s next suggestion, especially if you have a company. There are struckering penalties which will be down to 5 or more starting in January to June next year. Starting to finance about 1-2% every month will help you a lot. Therefore, if you retire after 2035, they will only be able to pay 75% of the benefits.

 Make sure you retire before 2035.

However, it is better than having no investment at all. Please consider the benefits and the profitable chance you would be able to receive with Paychex.

Fresno Realtor: Definitely!

Especially if you are a realtor, then there is no way to be afraid of. As realty Fresno meets that kind of condition on a daily basis. While promoting houses for sale in Fresno CA and Fresno homes for sale, a broker needs to prepare their investment sets up.

It is a must for a broker to be aware of market development. The right timing to fill the stock and the right amount to release it. However, are you going to do that for the rest of your life?

The government shutdown wise the society about the needs of houses for sale in Fresno CA. Are you sure, would be able to pay for rent? If this kind of pandemic comes back all over again.

Do not waste your time and take the chance. Feel free to let us know in the comment or rech out to Fresno realtor if you have any questions.


Shannon Perez




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